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Jul 6, 2021

Imposter Syndrome. Insecurities. Arrival Fallacy. In this bonus episode, Grasie Mercedes features captivating and candid moments themed around the universal feelings of Not Good Enough or Not Talented Enough. Each clip is pulled from a full conversation from the last two seasons of guests sharing their truth on Not Blank Enough.


e010: Not In Control Enough, Jacey Duprie

e001: Not Good Enough, Marie Forleo

e026: Not Good Enough, Adrianna Guevara Adarme

e015: Not Understood Enough, Tawny Newsome

e016: Not Smart Enough, Bobak Ferdowsi

e019: Not Doing Enough, Mandana Dayani

e030: Not Fearless Enough, Amy Landecker

e040: Not Anything Enough, Riki Lindhome

e042: Not Satisfied Enough, Malcolm-Jamal Warner

e038: Not Doing Enough, Nico Santos

e027: Not Disciplined Enough, Tony Okungbowa

e012: Not Talented Enough, Oliver Stark

e024: Not Confident Enough, Damien Fahey


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