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Jun 29, 2021

Stereotypes. Colorism. Racism.  In this special episode, Grasie Mercedes curates a collection of powerful and moving moments of feeling Not Latinx or American Enough. Each clip is pulled from a full conversation over two full seasons of guests sharing their truth on Not Blank Enough.


e014: Not Patient Enough, Michael Trevino

e035: Not Dominican Enough, Rocio Mendez & Mercedes Ilarraza

e008: Not Latinx Enough, Carlos Santos & Raiza Licea

e039: Not Late Enough, Julissa Contreras

e022: Not Disabled Enough, Danielle Perez

e016: Not Smart Enough, Bobak Ferdowsi

e038: Not Doing Enough, Nico Santos

e036: Not American Enough, Chriselle Lim

e037: Not Indian Enough, Parvesh Cheena
e018: Not Perfect Enough, Sazan Hendrix


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