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Jun 15, 2021

Colorism, Natural Hair, Body Image, White Supremacy. In this special episode, Grasie Mercedes elevates insightful and intimate moments around the feeling of being Not Black or White enough. Each clip is pulled from a full conversation that Grasie has had with her guests over the past two seasons.


e031: Not Man Enough, Lazarus Lynch

e002: Not Black Enough, Matt Law

e029: Not Selfish Enough, Denise Vasi

e011: Not White Enough, Christiana Hooks

e022: Not Disabled Enough, Danielle Perez

e037: Not Indian Enough, Parvesh Cheena

e017: Not Culturally Black Enough, Maame-Yaa Aforo

e039: Not Late Enough, Julissa Contreras

e042: Not Satisfied Enough, Malcolm-Jamal Warner

e020: Not Thin Enough, Gabi Gregg

e028: Not Normal Enough, Vic Styles

e005: Not Light Enough, Sarayu Blue

e032: Not Authentic Enough, Jake Thompson


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